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weekend at con

Hello everyone. I know it's been a while since I've posted. I just got back from an anime convention with aislynn_yume,Mariah,Ella and Tracey. It was alot of fun but crowded. Greg Ayres,Chris Ayres, and Vic Mignongna were at the con. When we got there we checked in,took our stuff up to our room and then when and got some lunch. When we got back we went and got our packages,then went to the first panel with Greg Ayres. Yes,I was soooooooo excited to see Greg Ayres,which until a couple of days before we left we had no idea he was gonna be there. We went to another one of his panels later that night. The next day Greg Ayres and his brother Chris Ayres did a signing but we missed it....... Ella was lucky enough to get their autographs,we also missed Vic's signing too but Mariah and I almost rode in the same elevator as him but it was full,so we took the stairs. Last night we went to a panel so you wanna be a voice actor given by Greg and Chris Ayres. Last night at 11 Greg Ayres dj'd a party,which I wished now I would have went to but instead went to an anime dating thing,which was ok but not really my thing. We didn't go to anything today because we had to sign out of the hotel by 12 so.. and the only event we wanted to go to wasn't until close to 2. And it was sooo crowded and hot,so we just left. I caught a little of one of Vic Mignongna's panels,wanted to see his concert but forgot what time it was at.

Okay I just want to say that Greg and Chris Ayres were completely awesome.. I didn't get to talk to them personally but during the panels they were soo nice,Funny as hell too let me just say. Vic Mignongna seemed really nice. It's funny because when we almost rode in the same elevator we kinda stalked him without meaning to.. we just went through another level to try to get on an elevator and when the doors opened it was the elevator he was on and then when we finally got down we saw him again. Then me and Tracey saw him later that day. I think he staid on the same floor as us,not sure though.

It was a fun weekend and seeing Greg and Chris Ayres and Vic Mignongna was completely awesome!! but I am glad to be home in my own bed and with my internet hehehe. k Later.. had to repost this so I can lj cut :D
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