aoirose (aoirose) wrote,


Ok so I just got through watching Ryo's new show 'Joker' a few hours ago. I really enjoyed it alot. Of course I enjoy watching anything with Ryo. I can't wait for the next episode. It made me really happy that Tuti's in it. I've been a Tenimyu fan and JE fan for years so to see two of  my fave people in a show together made me happy. Watching the show I didn't know who I was happier seeing Ryo or Tuti lol. I'm still waiting for the day that Wada and Ryo are in a show together,that would make me the happiest. I'm also in works of watching the last episode of Shige's show 'Trouble Man' which is weird but not a bad show.
I've also been watching alot of Kanjani8 lately. I can't stop watching the small videos that they have out. They all look so hot in them. And Ryo's omg.... boxing,sweating... wooo ok lol. Ok well I'm off now to finish the last episode before bed. Talk to everyone later.
Tags: joker, kanjani8, ryo, shige, trroubleman, tuti, wada
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