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09 June 2006 @ 06:02 pm
Title:Letting Go
Author:aoirose and aislynn_yume
Rating:PG-13 for now
Warning:none really.The next part to this story will be R though.
Notes:This is my first story and I know that it isn't that good but I wanted to post it.Hopefully I will get this pairing going and better writers than me will write more Kime and Sota.

Kime decided to go for a walk. He knew Sota was suppose to be coming over later, but he had time for a walk. When he was alone, he couldn't help but think of Abe. He knew it had been a little over a year since they broke up, but he still thought about him. He shook his head to stop the thoughts running through it. He decided he would go look in some shops. That always seemed to help. He spent the next hour or so brousing through the shops of the area. He decided he should go home, so he would be there whenever Sota showed up.
He was walking back when he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks. It was Abe and he was walking with a girl who was giggling and looking at him lovingly. Abe was smiling brightly at her. Kime felt like the wind had been knocked out of him and he couldn't move. All he could do was stare at the couple. He could only watch as Abe walked hand in hand with this girl.
Whe Abe looked up and noticed him,there was nowhere for Kime to go. He took a deep breath and braced himself as they moved closer to him. Kime felt like a ton of bricks had hit him as Abe introduced him as an *old friend*, but it had been expected. He couldn't expect Abe to tell his girlfriend.Yes, that was what Abe had introduced the girl, Mari, as. Couldn't expect him to tell her that they had been together.
Kime didn't want Abe to see how much this was bothering him, so he was trying to think of a polite way to leave. He had bowed to Mari when she bowed to him. No sense in being rude no matter what he was feeling at the moment. Him and Abe made small talk, you know the usual: How are you? It's been a while. Kime had told him that he was good, eventhough it was a lie, and that he was busy with recording and live shows.
He tried to calm himself while talking to Abe. He could do this. They talked about Tuti and Takashi. They talked about how everyone was. He gave Abe a weak smile and said that he had to get going. He bowed to them and then Abe took his hand in his. When Abe did that Kime couldn't help but jerk it away, like it was on fire or something. He nodded to them once again, when Abe and Mari left he took off to Sota's. He didn't stop for anything else. Just went straight to Sota's.
Kime finally reached Sota's and let himself in. He done it plenty of times before, just as Sota did at his house. He took off his shoes, put his bag down and walked into the living room talking on his way there.
"You'll never believe what just happened to me. I was out walking around. I went into a couple of shops, bought a hat and was about to come here when I....". His words trailed off as he walked into the living room and saw Sota slumped on the coach. Sota looked worse than he felt.
"Sota? Are you ok? What happened?"
Sota looked like he had lost more than his puppy. Kime hated seeing Sota this way. He went over to the coach to sit by his friend. Sota, of course, tried to change the subject by asking Kime about the hat he just bought. He just looked at his best friend and couldn't help but worry.
"Yes, I bought a new hat. But that can wait. If you need to talk about it Sota,I'm here for you".
Kime was upset about seeing Abe, but Sota needed him right now. So he would put that aside. Sota shrugged it off, saying with a smile, "Naoya just came by that's all. SO, what happened with you?"
Kime knew then that Sota didn't want to talk right now. So he would let it go for now. He took a deep breath to prepare himself. "I had just bought the hat and was walking back and that was when I saw them, Abe and his girlfriend Mari".
He shrugged trying to act like it didn't bother him as much as it did. He couldn't bring himself to repeat Abe's words. Not yet, anyway. He was then pulled into Sota's arms and Sota started rubbing his back.
"I'm so sorry Kime. I bet she was ugly. Anyone is after you." Saota said softly.
Kime tried to smile at Sota's words, but couldn't. Instead he said,"No, she wasn't Sota, she was pretty. Thank you for trying to say so though. It hurt seeing him with her, but his words hurt more." He paused, trying to find the words to express how it had made him feel.
"I mean, I don't know, what... or how I was expecting to be introduced. But, I didn't think it would be as an old friend."
Kime could feel the tears coming and he hated it. He was tired of crying. Sota just held him while saying, "I know. That's what happens when you date straight guys. You're never the ex, you're an "old friend"."
Kime felt Sota's fingers run through his hair. Then Sota continued to talk "They revert to being ashamed of you. But, I know Abe loved you once Kime. He told me he did".
Kime had never told Sota what happened between Abe and him, he felt to damn guilty to tell Sota. Kime just let Sota hold him. He brought one hand up to dry his eyes. He closed his eyes at Sota's words. He knew that Abe had loved him once. He also knew he was partly to blame for the relationship ending the way it did.
"I know he did, he never said it but I knew". He brought his hands to Sota's shoulders and raised himself up to look at him.
"Now, what happened with you? Why do you look like hell?"
Sota suggested drinks, to which Kime couldn't refuse. Sota came back with Sake and poured them drinks. They toasted to good health and drank. Then Sota said something Kime hadn't expected
"Okay so Nao came by to tell me that he and Reiko are getting married".
Kime watched as Sota downed another glass and froze at Sota's words. He couldn't believe that Sota had let him talk when he was probably in more pain than he was.
"Oh,Sota Im so sorry. Why did you let me go on about Abe? When you needed to talk more than I did".
He downed the sake in his glass and sat his glass down. Then he took Sota's glass and sat it down. He then brought Sota into a hug and just held him.
"I'm so sorry Sota,so sorry".
He didn't know what else to say to something like this. It had been a hell of a day for both of them. He would just hold Sota for a bit like Sota did for him. Sota then said, "It's ok. I'm over him and have been".
Kime let Sota wrap his arms around him. Then Sota continued,"I guess I just didn't want him to move on".
Sota then laughed bitterly and said,"I guess I haven't moved on. Maybe in the back of my mind, there was the thought that he still cared. But, truthfully Kime, we never loved each other".
Kime just wrapped his arms tighter around Sota.
"I know but that still doesn't make it any easier. I would think of Abe whenever I was alone. But, I thought I was getting over him until today. I know you may not have loved each other, But you cared alot about each other, so it's still going to hurt".
Kime let Sota go and poured them another drink. He handed Sota his glass back. They toasted this time to letting go and then drank.
"Well, What can I do? I will go to the wedding and smile. Wish them happiness and get drunk". Sota said with a false cheerfulness. He poured himself another glass. "I thought you were getting over Abe also. You are, this is just a set back".
"Yep I guess that's about all we can do." Kime laughed. "Well, just know, you won't be alone. I will be there with you. I wasn't great, but I was ok." He looked down at his glass. "Well, until I went for a walk this morning and saw him".
Kime drained his glass. He knew it was early, but he didn't have anything to do. He had a break, finally, in what seemed like forever. He saw Sota smile.
"Let's drink alot and forget about these horribly painful things. Nao and Abe aren't worth our tears. They were the ones to break it off". Sota said with a smile.
Kime knew that he was just as important to Sota as Sota was to him. He had always tried to make time for Sota no matter what. He held up his glass to that.
"Yes, you are right. It's time we moved on and forgot about it".
Kime was glad he had Sota. Sota had always been there for him. They had been through alot together. First Sota's breakup with Naoya. Then Takashi and Tuti finally getting together. Then his breakup with Abe and now this. It wasn't that he hadn't been happy for Takashi and Tuti. It was that they were happy together and it hurt him and Sota to see that happiness. It hurt them, as well as made them feel happy for Takashi and Tuti to see that love. Kime tried to stop Sota from ordering pizza, but Sota ordered it anyway.
"Kime do you ever think we will find something like Tuti and Nagayan have?" Saota asked in a soft voice.
Kime sighed and shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know Sota. Maybe or maybe not. Maybe we weren't meant to find that kind of love. It's something I've been thinking about lately." Kime hoped he didn't sound too sad. He was trying to cheer Sota up but, he wouldn't lie to his friend.
"I hope we do, but I can't say if we will or not". Tuti and Takashi had a special love. He hoped he would find it one day too. He and Sota.
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